Steps to complete :-

I. Setup AWS EC2 Machine

Create an AWS account by signup on

Initial Bonding Curve Offering (IBCO), is a new primitive for crypto projects funding which solves some of the classic problems of ICOs, such as lack of accountability and liquidity, or imperfect price discovery mechanisms for the token when placed on the market.

To understand, the IBCO creates tokens when people…

When we said #EtherLite to the moon, well we did mean it quite literally. What we set-out to achieve with EtherLite is to get blockchain from the hands of few to empower many and for this to happen we are moving supersonically.

Just like we wish to see the value…

We are just moments away from launching the Largest Ethereum Fork AirDrop Ever.

Yes, you heard it right. This Ethereum HardFork will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen, because this time all you ETH hodl’ers stand a chance to win free ETL Tokens, the native token of EtherLite.

Cryptocurrencies have seen multiple hard and soft forks over the years, most due to differing ideologies. Some forks were made out of fun while some really changed the dynamics of the original chain and made a name out there for themselves.

In the case of Ethereum, a hard fork answering…

Etherlite, Blockchain,

At Etherlite we are building decentralised technology which paves the way for a more balanced and inclusive economy of the future. We are providing a community-driven Blockchain ecosystem for businesses and applications which is efficient, secure, fast, scalable and cost-effective.

We’re are looking for talent to join our team of motivated, hardworking and passionate individuals, so if you have the expertise and willingness to innovate and embrace challenges, join us now!

We have open positions for the following teams:

- Foundation,
- Business development
- Exchange liaising
- Marketing and Social Media
- Engineering
- Legal and Compliance

How to apply:
1. Give us a shout replying to this post
2. Send your CV to and include your value preposition and your expectations


EtherLite is a blockchain platform built for efficiency. Leveraging our PoS mechanism, we provide you with fast, secure & low fee environment to transact on.

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