Etherlite is giving ETL tokens to every ETH wallet holder; Biggest Airdrop Ever💰

We are just moments away from launching the Largest Ethereum Fork AirDrop Ever.

Yes, you heard it right. This Ethereum HardFork will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen, because this time all you ETH hodl’ers stand a chance to win free ETL Tokens, the native token of EtherLite.

EtherLite is a pure POS based blockchain network, surfacing to create a space where all the major DApps can be bought over under one roof and dealt with in a cost-effective manner, expanding the base of blockchain development and usage in the community.

EtherLite is committed to rebuild the whole ecosystem of blockchain development with a launch on 1st of May and that too with a bang.

Taking this community-building thought ahead, let’s talk more about the Airdrop and how you can avail it.

The process is quite simple. First you all, you need all your ETH under a safe non-custodial wallet. Then you need to head-on to wherein you can check the balance here and use your ETL tokens.

The main thing to notice here is, you have to keep your ETH in the wallet only and only for block no 12345678. Once the AirDrop gets over, you can utilize your ETH however you want. Just remember not to lose the private keys of your wallet before you claim your free Airdrop.

Why this AirDrop is special?

  • No form
  • No whitelist
  • No hassle

Mark these dates for and experience a seamless AirDrop experience.

  • 1st May (block 12345678): Hold your ETH in you wallets till this date.
  • 1st May — 15th May: Approx 175 M wallet balance will be synced to ETL blockchain.
  • 15th May :

1. Check your ETL Airdrop balance on

2. ICO/IBCO Starts

***Please Note: 15th May — 30th June ( AirDrop ETLs will be locked during this period )

  • 1st July: ETL balance ready to be claimed in wallet for transfer and trading.

So, while you finish reading this and start procrastinating, we recommend you head over to right now and register yourself not only to avail this massive AirDrop but to join this journey of a coherent blockchain revolution with EtherLite.

Media Coverage

Press Releases:

🔥EtherLite on Yahoo Finance⬇️

🔥EtherLite on⬇️

🔥EtherLite on NewsBTC⬇️

🔥EtherLite on The Bitcoin Street Journal.⬇️

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American Rapper; Jayceon Terrell Taylor, famously known as “The Game” supports EtherLite! ⬇️

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EtherLite is a blockchain platform built for efficiency. Leveraging our PoS mechanism, we provide you with fast, secure & low fee environment to transact on.

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EtherLite is a blockchain platform built for efficiency. Leveraging our PoS mechanism, we provide you with fast, secure & low fee environment to transact on.

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