EtherLite Validator Node Setup from AWS Marketplace

  1. Setup AWS EC2 Machine
  2. Setup EtherLite Validator Node

I. Setup AWS EC2 Machine

Create an AWS account by signup on

  • A dropdown will open in ‘Compute’ section there is an option for ‘EC2’. Click on that
  • Click on ‘Launch Instance’
  • In Search Bar search EtherLite
  • There will be one result showing from AWS Marketplace
  • There will be EtherLite Validator AMI By ‘EthterLite Foundation‘. Click on ‘Select’ Button
  • Pricing Details will be displayed by AWS Standard Prices for the instances.
  • Click on continue. Select your preferred Instance Type for running the node.
  • Click on Next: Configure Instance Details Button
  • Click on Next: Add Storage Button
  • Enter the Storage above 100GB to avoid any difficulties in the future.
  • Click on add tags to give specific tags to your EC2 Instance
  • Click on Configure Security Group to add 22 — SSH Port it will help you to login into the EC2 instance you are about to create.
  • Click on Add Rule Button. A new row will be added to the table
  • Now we are going to add the SSH option by selecting the option from the first dropdown. Now you have to specify from which IP address you want to access your EC2 machine under the Source column of the newly added row.
  • Click on ‘Review and Launch’ Button.
  • Click on ‘Launch’ Button.
  • A dialog box will open which will prompt you to select a key or create a new key pair.
  • Select your preferred option and download the key file.
  • After safely downloading your key file, Click on ‘Launch Instance’.
  • Wait for your instance to get initialized. After getting success in Launch Status. Click on ‘View instances’.
  • A new instance of your EtherLite Validator Node will be created. Now wait until the Instance State is Running and it has passed all the Status Check.
  • After All Status Check is completed. Assign an Elastic IP to your EC2 Machine.
  • On the left side of the menu Select the ‘Elastic IP’ Option under the Network & Security section and Click on Allocate Elastic IP address Button
  • Enter Tag Name for Elastic IP [Optional] and Click on Allocate Button
  • Select the Elastic IP
  • Then click on the Actions dropdown and Click on ‘Associate Elastic IP Address’.
  • A new page will open where you have selected the EC2 Machine you have created. Select your option EC2 machine and Elastic IP address
  • Click on ‘Associate’
  • Now to verify, go to the EC2 Dashboard
  • Click on ‘View Instances’ and Click the instance you created
  • Bottom section pull up the details tab. It will show your EC2 Instance details.

II. Setup EtherLite Validator Node

Open the terminal and change the location where you have saved your key file.

  1. Amount: Amount refers to the amount you are investing for becoming a validator on EtherLite network.



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