First Crypto Ever to Feature on Burj Khalifa

1 min readMay 1, 2021

When we said #EtherLite to the moon, well we did mean it quite literally. What we set-out to achieve with EtherLite is to get blockchain from the hands of few to empower many and for this to happen we are moving supersonically.

Just like we wish to see the value of #ETL rise up to the moon, we managed to send #EtherLite the closet we could.

#EtherLite on its Mainnet launch was featured on world-famous Burj Khalifa, only the highest building present at the face of the planet. As you can see down below the thrilling launch of EtherLite on Burj Khalifa is the first step in the direction of mass crypto adoption.

This Mainnet launch on May 1 comes with the biggest airdrop crypto world has seen in a long time.

EtherLite is airdropped to all ETH holders, inviting them to the platform to experience what the new future of blockchain would like, where there will be:

  • No Congestion issues
  • Negligible Gas Fees
  • An interoperable, one click DApp migration tool
  • Staking and Validator Rewards upto 18% APY

EtherLite is a product of this manifestation, built to empower the community of blockchain development, DeFi building and offer high staking rewards to its users in a fully scalable and decentralized way.

And now, there’s nothing left to say, but for you to quickly visit and explore this new champ on the block.




EtherLite is a blockchain platform built for efficiency. Leveraging our PoS mechanism, we provide you with fast, secure & low fee environment to transact on.